PSP emulator for PC 0.9

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PSPE is a remarkable PSP Emulator that plays Homebrew Games and Demos. The EBOOT.PBP files are placed into sub folders and then browsed via the emulators window. PSP Emulation is growing every day, and PSPE is a perfect prove of that, even though this emulator still can\'t run any commercial PSP game, you can try it by playing some demos and homebrew games. It is important to remember that this emulator is the first of its kind, but after all we are expecting more updates for this project and why not more PSP emulators. An important thing is that you need to get SDL.dll in order to run the emulator.

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Size: 328.00 MB

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Price: Free

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Operating System: Windows, Windows Vista

Publisher: PSP Emulator

Release Date: 2005-06-04

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